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Women Economic Forum Presents: Believing in Yours Words & The Power of Perspective


Believing in Yours Words: Speaking Positivity in Existence with Shelby Tinsley

Key Points: Believing in Yourself, You can create the Life You Desire through the power of your words & The Power of Daily Affirmations

Shelby Tinsley, Founder & CEO of IShallBe Daily Affirmation App, has created a multi-dimensional platform to encourage people to affirm purposeful thoughts and ideas into existence. As a young leader in the tech industry, Shelby has a lifetime of experience or creating opportunities through connecting words and people. As a newborn, she was named after an affirmation that she "Shall Be" all things without reservation. As one of the youngest women of color to design and launch an application of this kind, she has remained unwavering in her unique approach to ensure that people’s thoughts become their reality.

Presented By: Lanasia Angelia


The Power of Perspective with Lanasia Angelina: Challenging women to identify which perspective they're using within critical situations in their lives and how developing and using a renewed perspective can transform the dynamics of their entire lives. 

Key points: Broken Perspectives, Skewed Perspectives, and Renewed Perspectives.

Founder of the coaching agency Rise & Be Great LLC., Lanasia Angelina provides resources for professional that help them to develop effective strategies tailored to fit their lifestyle and assist them with achieving their goals both personally and professionally. For more information, go to 

Every month, the Women's Economic Forum pick a charity to support. This month they are supporting Melissa McCormick - The Queen's Daughter and helping her raise money to continue her advocacy program to help victims of sexual crime. Let's help ensure no victim gets left behind by going to


Registration and Networking begins at 5:30 p.m., Dinner at 6:00 pm and Speaker approx. 7:30pm. Deadline for reservations is 6pm Sunday, May 26th.