Sometimes, I just want to be by myself.

Not mad at anybody, don’t have a bad attitude, not being selfish. 

No social media, no calls or texts, no work, no projects. 

Just want to spend some quiet time alone with my thoughts. 

When I take this time for myself, I create a space to push aside the day’s distractions

and challenges and focus on what is truly important to me, time with my Father.

Like a child, I long to be in my Father’s presence.

It is there; I can be myself and tell Him all my concerns.

It is there where I can open my heart and love without fear.

My Father, He knows everything about me, my weaknesses and my sins, yet He still forgives me and tells me that I am His own. His love frees me from my past and makes me believe that I can do anything through Him who strengthens me. And when I worry, He comforts me and lets me know that all things will work together for good according to His purpose. So please don’t be offended that I didn’t return your call or text, we can catch up tomorrow. Today, I just needed some time alone with my Father.

Brinda Devine is the author of her signature book, Discover Your Value, Discover Your Purpose. Her second book, Authentication Process is scheduled for release in 2020. Brinda is the founder of two blogs: Daily Application/ Discover Your Purpose8 and Note To Self with Brinda Devine and founder of Purpose8 Institute, an organization with a mission to tell and teach the importance of discovering individual purpose in God's Kingdom

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