Woosah! This week has been rough, to say the least. With so much happening, it’s been a reminder to slow down and reflect on everything. I’ve been slacking on my personal journaling, so I want to use this post as a venting session about delivering consistent actions.

My heart has been heavy since the news of Nipsey Hussle. His impact and influence meant a tremendous amount to the music industry and to others. With a powerful presence, I always admired the love he publicly showed Lauren London and his family. From seeing the love outpour from social media and listening to his music, these burdensome feelings made me reflect on life and being the best I can be! Additionally, these feelings made me sense this week would definitely be different, but in a not so great way.

While I love my job, the start to the week literally had me frustrated and ready to act out of character. I usually deal with the normal workplace matters, but these type of situations, like others placing unnecessary blame and miscommunication, rarely happen. 

Thankfully, I didn’t come out of my character. I confronted the situations by figuring out what was going on, communicating with others, and doing what needed to be done. I stay in my own lane and get my work done, so all this clearly was a test, which already came a bad time. But after having a conversation with my supervisor, he reminded me of something I always hear: my actions, and who I am as a woman, are consistent and never waver.


From this, the theme of consistent actions began to loop in my head. Like I mentioned, I’ve always been consistent in my actions. My mom has told me that since I was a child, and it has gotten me far. I am who I am because over the years I authentically learned myself, what I like, and what I don’t. 

I haven’t always stood up for myself, but that has definitely changed. Another reason why I remain consistent is that I know my truth. And following the practice of if what’s happening isn’t good for me, then that person and situation are not good for me either. I can gracefully eliminate myself from situations, workplace included, and still accomplish what needs to be done. 

When individuals try to discredit or undermine certain actions, then that’s a reflection of them. That has nothing to do with me and strengthens my character and consistent actions. Consistent actions and behaviors will always speak louder than any words. 

So be true, unapologetic, + authentic consistently. 

Written by Jailyn Glass of
The Moxie Playbook