Teia Wallington


With over 10 years of experience, Public Relations Professional Teia Wallington leads a team that works across many sectors including lifestyle, sports, nonprofit, hospitality, and retail. Teia Wallington is formally educated via Clark Atlanta University, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations. In 2009, she launched Love Publicity in an effort to viscerally impact brands and businesses by filling the lacuna that exists between brands and target markets in campaigns and awareness efforts. She has done it all, with a passion and a genuine love that is palpable in every detail of her work.

How does it feel to be nominated for the iShallBe “She Inspires Me” awards?

It’s a pleasure. I try to help others through my career, philanthropy work, and day-to-day life experiences.

What inspires you? 

Being fulfilled. Seeing others doing what they love and doing what I love.