Sherelle Marie is a 26 year old voice for her generation.

She is the founder of SHE Rose Detroit which is a women’s empowerment company. Her purpose and mission within life is to empower, uplift and encourage women to keep fighting for joy, peace and finding their identity in Christ. She’s dedicated to helping women walk boldly into celibacy and awaking the woman God created them to be. Through any platform she is given, she executes this purpose through online podcasts, mentorship and her newest book.


How does it feel to be nominated for the iShallBe “She Inspires Me” awards?

It’s truly an honor! Growing up I dealt with bullying and not being like by any crowd I wasn’t introduced to. I was always the one that didn’t “fit” in so to now evolve into a woman and hear that I inspire other women is truly a feeling I can only wrap around one one, honored.

What inspires you? 

First the lack of unity amongst women and also the lack of women knowing their true worth and not understanding that the anointing and seeds within them is enough to not only break generational curses but to also shake the ground one walks on is what inspires me to push everyday. Seeing the Queen be brought out in a woman and helping her understand that’s she’s GRACEFULLY broken is what brings my heart joy. There’s so many women that are silently battling and suffering with no one there to empathize with them and my goal is to always help pull them up.