I’m 27 years old. A mother, a lover of Christ, a mentor and the founder of Extra Push which is a non profit, youth mentoring organization. After going through the foster care system as a child and later being adopted, I always knew that there had to be a reason I faced so many challenges growing up. After a lot of soul searching, having a child of my own and building of a closer relationship with God I found that my purpose was wrapped up in my experiences. I decided I wanted to be the person that I needed coming up in those circumstances. I now mentor and minister to children who are now or have been in the foster system, or children who have experienced abuse of any sort as I had. Alongside this, I have also found a love in empowering other women to find their purpose in life and how important it is to share our testimonies to help the generation after us. My passion is giving back in any way. Rather it’s my time, my prayers, helping with funding for the homeless, or organizing different awareness drives. I truly believe that sometimes all people need is an “extra push” towards a better mindset or lifestyle even if it’s planting a seed for healing, self love, self confidence etc. I want to stand in the gap and be the voice of reason for those who are afraid to express their pains and help them make sense of it all.


How does it feel to be nominated for the iShallBe “She Inspires Me” awards?

It’s quite an honor. Also a reminder to never stop letting your light shine because you never know whose life you’re leaving an impact on.

What inspires you? 

Seeing people overcome. Watching individuals face adversity and turn their pain into a purpose. It gives me hope and confirmation that I’m on the right track.