#iShallBe True to myself always


My name is Brittany Anderson. Known to some as “Bee”. I was Born & raised in Detroit. I briefly attended Kentucky State University with a study in criminal justice. Currently studying to be a Stress Management Coach. I’ll be 29 in April & married to my best friend in August. I have one, now two sons who keep me on my feet. I like to say that I’m a Superwoman by day and a Detroit Police Dispatcher by night. I created iAmSuperWoman Woman’s Self-Care Organization to create an outlet for women to take off the super cape to bring focus to the importance of women’s self care needs. I’m a free spirit who lives by the quote “The balance of life is found somewhere between letting go & holding on.”

How does it feel to be nominated for the iShallBe “She Inspires Me” awards?

I feel inspired myself to know that I’m an inspiration to others. It’s motivation to keep going because you never who’s watching even when they are silent. I’m very open on social media and it’s for this very reason, to encourage all of my queens to keep pressing on no matter what.

What inspires you? 

People or situations around me, both positive and negative, inspire me. Negativity reminds me of the energy that I don’t want, while Positivity inspires me to keep going. It reminds me of what I have the power to do, & who I have the power to be. Knowing that I’m the reason a person did xyz also inspires me, because of my story that person didn’t give up. My son is my biggest inspiration. Hearing his little voice and seeing his big pretty eyes every day is my reason even if I feel like I have none. I have to set a strong foundation for him.