Everyone is so busy running here and there with commitments to family, school, careers, business, friends, children, marriage, dating and all the other activities that capture our attention and sometimes distract us. Add attention to social media and minutes, even hours can drift away as we check the popularity of our posts and peak into the social media lives of people we will never meet. When you are young, life gives you gifts, as you get older life starts to take away those gifts. The most precious of those gifts is time.

Personally, looking back I would say for a good portion of my life that I have been a Type A, career driven, workaholic which has served to provide for my needs and wants, but also contributed to a lot of stress and imbalance in my life. It took a long time for me to realize that too much of anything is not always good for you, our lives essentially need balance. Each of us is comprised of three parts: mind, body, soul (spirit). When we give too much or too little to one area, the other parts suffer. Our daily goal should be to balance the three parts. Now that doesn’t mean that we will be perfect everyday, but balance is the goal.

So here are some points I practice as I have begun to refocus and rebalance my life.

Mind: Love yourself, encourage yourself, have your own opinion, get into a practice of replacing negative thoughts and words with positive ones. Try new things, go new places, open your mind, change your expectations, expand your perspectives, stop worrying about what people think about you.

Body: Drink more water, get more sleep, reduce your stress, eat less meat, dairy and processed foods, take vitamins, drink green tea, exercise, carve out some me time, try not to be angry, smile and laugh more, talk less, speak up for yourself, be present and listen, be mindful that your words have power.

Soul: Spend more quiet time alone. If you believe in God, spend more time with Him, prayer is simply a conversation. Value yourself, don’t let anyone define you, define yourself, do and speak with love, don’t let the past bind you, forgive yourself, forgive others, give and help others, be friendly, seek out the answer to your whys and discover your purpose.

Feeling run down, stressed, overwhelmed, easily angered? Maybe the solution is that you need to refocus and balance your life. Something to think about.


Brinda Devine, is the author of, Discover Your Value, Discover Your Purpose. She is a “Purpose Entrepreneur” and writes inspirational content.