5 Fitness Myths Busted

In Ancient history, there wasn’t any of the fancy technology we have today! They didn’t have treadmills, ellipticals machines, bikes, or free weights – shit, they didn’t even have gyms!

Fitness was a way of life back then – it was a way of survival. Think about it, they hunted, worked in gardens to grow produce and walked for miles at a time. Sheesh, I’m busting a sweat just thinking about it. They did not have structured fitness routines let alone things like sweat bands and fancy workout gear. The equation is simple, they ate clean and moved throughout the day which resulted in a strong + lean physique.

Fitness today has CHANGED! It seems that everyone wants to know the perfect “diet” in order to look great; vegetarianism, veganism, low fat, low carb, pills, only fruit diet – the list goes on! I’m here to tell you that there’s no one size fits all to fitness or “dieting”. When I hear what people are trying to get healthy, I cringe a little. Today, I am busting the 5 biggest Fitness Myths:

MYTH 1: Eating before sleep will make you gain weight

TRUTH: If you eat more calories than you burn on a regular basis – yes! Your body doesn’t know what time it is when you eat. Once you figure out how many calories in a day you can eat to avoid weight gain depending on your age, weight and activity level, the more flexible and easier it becomes.

MYTH 2: Carbohydrates are BAD!

TRUTH: This is probably one of the biggest myths! Carbohydrates is the MAIN energy sources of the body! It helps with metabolism for the fats and provide essential fiber, vitamins and minerals. It provides nutrition that fat and protein can’t! Too much of anything is not the best for you. That’s why balance is so important. Now, refined processed carbohydrates and too much sugar can lead to weight gain. Try eating unprocessed, whole carbohydrates like vegetables, whole fruits and grains for fiber. It is easier on digestion as well.

MYTH 3: Waist Trainers = A WAIST OF TIME

TRUTH: Again, sweat is a indication that your body is cooling off not how hard you’ve worked. Blocking + trapping the sweat inside of the waist trainer and sweatband can be unhealthy. Waist Trainers does the opposite of helping you get that slim waist and flat stomach. It actually deactivates the core and works your back more on various exercises which can lead to injury. Stop spending your money on this sis! Weight will drop working out regardless as long as the calories you eat are below the calories burned.

MYTH 4: You can target your fat burn aka “spot reduction.”

TRUTH: You can’t – sorry! Working out reduces fat from the body overall and it can’t pinpoint specifically where the fat is coming from.

MYTH 5: Cardio Makes You Lose Weight Faster

TRUTH: Steady cardio actually breaks down muscle. Plus, burning calories stop once you stop working out on treadmills. In Fact, the best workouts to do are HIIT trainings (High Intensity Interval Training) that focus on both strength conditioning and cardio. It is also more effective due to burning more calories hours after the workout has ended.

Surprised? I know, what the hell right? There’s a lot of myths out there which is why fitness should be seen as more of a lifestyle change and not a tread that gets you temporary results. Results takes time, creating a habit takes time! But we live in a generation now where everybody wants things at a snap of a finger. That’s why there’s so many surgeries, dieting pills and false advertising to make you think you’re paying for something that’s going to get you results fast. Don’t get my wrong, they might but it won’t last.

You have to get the motivation and determination to stay consistent and push through those lazy days! The results you want, you can get! But it takes time!